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GOOYO, born for customization

GOOYO Power is a power system customization supplier that integrates R&D, production, sales and service. The products include digital generator set, general generator set, ultra silent generator set, vehicle generator set, marine generator set and power takeoff generator set. The power range is from 0.8kva to 250kVA, covering large, medium and small range, and is widely used in fire protection, police, national defense, municipal engineering, rescue, disaster relief, multimedia, mobile medical treatment, ship, navigation and other special fields.


GOOYO focuses on providing customers with intelligent and innovative individual power solutions, and has always adhered to the brand strategy of "high-end customization" and set professional technical standards for customized solutions. GOOYO products are highly praised in the customization market with recognized reliability, outstanding economy, excellent load performance and significant easy maintenance. Thanks to the flexible technological innovation program, GOOYO products are becoming customized solutions that combine technological innovation and commercial competitiveness.


GOOYO has a professional technology, sales and service team with rich industry experience that can provide customers with perfect customized solutions.

By continuously improving product quality and service, we strive to meet the specific demand of the customization market.


With 11 years of forging ahead, GOOYO’s innovative technology for professional customization has been well-known. The spirit of innovation has stimulated the sustainable development of GOOYO. Now and in the future, GOOYO will always meet customer demands with innovative ideas, maximize the product efficiency and reduce the product noise, aiming to provide customized power solutions with more safety, environmental friendly and energy saving.


All from the interests of customers, establish a solid friendship with users, agents, suppliers, investors, employees and society, to achieve win-win cooperation.


Meeting the changeable demands.


Always adhere to the product development concept of "simple and practical", and constantly improve product quality and value;Always adhere to the guidance of "specific market", provide customized service and optimize the service system.


GOOYO owns mature and excellent core technology and product experience, and has obtained a number of product invention patents and utility model patents. We have got various verification reports about product plateau test, high and low temperature test, damp heat test, anti salt mist test, system electromagnetic interference test etc. We provide guarantee for special customized markets such as military, police, medical and fire control sphere, and have quality management system, environmental management system, CE certification and other systems and certification.


GOOYO always adheres to independent innovation, and regards technology research and product development as the foundation of company development, and strives to build core competitiveness. GOOYO technicians have rich professional knowledge. Through continuous R&D investment and technology innovation, the reliability and stability of GOOYO generators have been effectively improved. As a pioneer of intelligent manufacturing, GOOYO has accumulated a number of national patents including invention patents, utility model patents, and appearance patents. The application of these research and development results is continuously playing a supporting and leading role in technological innovation, helping GOOYO’s sustainable development.

Sustainable development is GOOYO's commitment to building a bright future. GOOYO will be committed to further reducing the noise level of generator sets, so as to meet the users’ increasing requirement on low noise pollution and to meet the national "urban area noise standard". What’s more, GOOYO is using technology to strengthen the ability of remanufacturing, and strive to help power products move towards a low-carbon future.


GOOYO team’s perseverance, hard work and dedication spirit have always been the strong backing behind GOOYO; GOOYO team’s enthusiasm for innovation and customer service is our strength to move forward. GOOYO staff work together to strive for a common goal, and are committed to providing customers with power solutions with value-added services.


GOOYO adopts a personalized and inclusive employee management system. At GOOYO, no matter whether you are in an ordinary position or a key position, you can rely on your own talents, ideas and innovations to make you and your work more important.

Every GOOYO staff drives the company forward, one by one, without interruption.
What are you waiting for? Come join our team to realize your personal value!

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GOOYO focuses on providing customers with intelligent and innovative individual power solutions, and has always adhered to the brand strategy of "high-end customization" and set professional technical standards for customized solutions.